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How to Effectively Plan, Write, and Share Content

A recent survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute shows than 76 percent of marketers plan to create more content than last year to draw in new customers. However, only 32 percent of the same group has a clear, documented plan on how to create new content.

Plan of Action

For your marketing campaign to be effective you must have a strong plan of action. Is your goal to increase leads? Are you interested in increasing the sales conversion rate? Could this campaign be about creating brand awareness? Clearly define each goal before creating any content. An effective action plan can have several points within.

Writing the Content

Each segment of the plan needs content designed specifically for the goal in order to be achieved. Take lead generation, for example. A well-written online article can explain your company’s product or service. It can interest potential customers into wanting to learn more. However, the content cannot do that without a clear and compelling call to action within the text. Only when the link is clicked can you say you’ve generated a lead that might turn into a paying customer.

Of course, lead generation is only one small portion of the plan. You want to turn those leads into sales. Your content on the landing page should be just as compelling and informative as the page they used to get there. It should help overcome and minimize any barriers there are for your potential customers.

Additionally, information sent directly to leads, such as newsletters, sales fliers, or other correspondence, must address your potential client’s needs. If the lead has contacted you with specific questions or problems, ensure all content sent to them addresses those issues.

Getting It Out There

Posting well-written content on blogs, social media sites, and online magazine sites is a great way to get your message out there. To know if it is effective, monitor how often a piece has been viewed. You should also see how often it is shared on social media, as well as who is doing the sharing. Check the comments to look for individuals who are really interested in what you have to say.

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