What Makes Content Marketing Special?

Content marketing is a special strategy that combines appealing content – such as articles, reviews, blog posts, and FAQs – with innovative creation techniques intended to have a positive marketing effect for an organization. At its most basic, content marketing can be regarded as a new application of time-tested persuasive writing techniques. However, rather than simply reusing existing strategies of persuasion in a novel electronic environment, specialized writers create content sympathetic to the most modern search engine algorithms, consumer activity research, and data-driven best practices. The result is a new genre of persuasive writing, a specialized marketing product that speaks directly to the needs of your clients, consumers, and community.

A Distinctive Content Product

The content utilized for marketing purposes is distinguished by several key features. These include:

  • Clear, well-written prose
  • An approachable, upbeat tone
  • Standard language choices (except for content speaking directly to a technical or insider audience)
  • Concise structure
  • Integration with existing website content, social media activity, and other forms of engagement

Some content is quite specifically intended to drive a particular response. For instance, a call to action might be included to encourage readers to join a mailing list or add a comment to a social media post. Other content selections might be purely informational, such as telling customers the benefits of a particular product.

While the content created for marketing purposes has some similarities to both persuasive and informational writing, it is a distinct discipline that revolves around products used for a particular purpose.

Is Content Marketing Right for You?

There are many benefits to integrating content developed for marketing purposes into your existing online presence. Having fresh and engaging information for people to read demonstrates good customer service and a strong commitment to building an online presence. Given that people are using mobile technology to locate goods and services, having an active web presence is an essential part of doing business. Want to find out more about effectively planning, writing, and sharing content with potential customers, read more here.

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