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3 Blog Tips for Targeting Gen-X Customers

The Gen-X age segment includes people born immediately after baby boomers. Gen-X individuals were born between 1965 and 1980. The oldest members of this generation experienced the onset of the computer revolution during their teenage years, while younger members grew up with desktop computers in their households from early childhood. Businesses targeting Gen-X with a professional blog should implement simple strategies for success.

Focus on Video

Digital video resonates strongly with Gen-X consumers. Research has pinpointed that Gen-X people either download or stream video content at least once each month. A blog that regularly includes tasteful and informative videos and original content is invaluable and will often draw in people of this age group.

Reward Loyalty

Businesses that reward consumer loyalty with discounts are appealing to Gen-X consumers. In fact, after joining a loyalty program, Gen-X consumers engage in repeat business at least once per month with that company about 65 percent of the time. A company with a loyalty program can tout it on a blog, which is a key way to spark the interest of Gen-X customers.

Demonstrate Company Responsibility

People in the Gen-X age segment are drawn to businesses that exhibit a do-good business model. Companies that give back to a local community or even the world at large are often more attractive to Gen-X consumers. Blogs are necessary for business and can help to inform your readers about your involvement in the community. A blog marketing strategy that ties a purchase in with a benefit to society is often a successful move with this generation.

The good news is that after gaining a Gen-X customer, this age group is likely to be very loyal to repeat business. A blog with targeted content will help ensure ongoing business.



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