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Three Things to Implement on a Blog to Attract Baby Boomers

“Baby Boomers” are those who were born between the years of 1946 and 1964. This group of Americans got its name as a result of the population spike that occurred after World War II. Because this age group may have less experience with online platforms, specific marketing tactics in a blog can prove more effective than others to draw in this demographic.

Segment Your Audience

Because no two baby boomers are the same, it is important to know what type of individual will be most drawn to your content. Develop buyer personas to evaluate the needs and motivations of those you are targeting, considering lifestyle or socioeconomic status. This will give you an advantage over businesses that tend to tailor all their content to baby boomers in the same way.

Focus on Content

Baby boomers can be voracious consumers of high-quality content. A report by Google suggests that baby boomers take around 19 hours out of every week to read content on the internet. Make blog content fresh and engaging to keep baby boomers coming back regularly to a blog. Using guest bloggers can be another way to inject spontaneity into blog content.

Try Videos

Video content on a blog can also be engaging with baby boomers. Make the pace of the videos at a relaxed pace and avoid high-intensity music and live videos. Instead, pack as much content and information as possible into the video, even offering longer videos that will appeal to baby boomers.

By reaching out to and engaging with baby boomers who are searching for information, a company can often keep this age segment returning to a blog.


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