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How to Spread the Word About Your Blog

If you’ve just launched your blog, you may be wondering how to build a loyal reader following. The next step is to spread the word about your new blog by using social media. Three of the most relevant mediums for blog advertising are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Twitter: Make It Quick

Twitter users move quickly, and all tweets are limited to 140 characters. Your tweet should be quick and to the point. You might also try posting a relevant photo to make your tweet stand out more; photos don’t count toward the character limit. Twitter is also a great platform to encourage your followers to start a dialogue about your blog post.

Since Twitter moves so quickly, you can post more frequently on this medium than with Facebook or LinkedIn. In fact, posting multiple times a day is key to ensuring that more users see your post.

Facebook: Make It Personal

Facebook users are more drawn in by personal content that feels as if it were written specifically for them. With Facebook posts, you should try to prioritize original content and use language as human and personal as possible to avoid being dismissed as a robot post. A short and engaging video may help draw potential readers to click on your blog.

Every time you write a new blog post, you should share a link to it on your company’s Facebook page, your Facebook groups, and your personal page. However, be mindful to not oversaturate your followers.

LinkedIn: Make It Professional

Depending on the content of your blog, LinkedIn may be another useful social media platform for your social media strategy. When writing on LinkedIn, a professional voice is a more appropriate approach. You can share a link to your blog post on your company’s LinkedIn page, your personal LinkedIn page, on LinkedIn Pulse, and in any LinkedIn groups you may be part of.

Social media can be a powerful tool for marketing your content and your company. You can most effectively engage and captivate a reader audience by being mindful of the most appropriate voice.

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