Which Social Media Platforms Should I Choose for My Business?

In the world of social media, there are many factors that a business should consider when deciding which platform to use. The biggest determination is target audience. Ask yourself — what type of person buys my product or service? Depending on your answer, choose the platform that makes the most sense to your type of consumer. Here are three of the most popular.

Twitter: Just the Facts, Jack

Twitter is a fast-paced platform. Since the character limit is a mere 140, making a point quickly and clearly is paramount. Posting an effective picture is an excellent way to get a reader to stop and engage in what the post has to say. Once you have their attention, links are the next step in driving readers to your content. Good use of #hashtags is also very important. A quick search of popular hashtags is recommended, and you should generally only use two.

Facebook: Tell Me a Story, Mary

Facebook users are best reached by more personal content that makes them feel included in some way. Coming across as an actual person is critical. Any post that appears to be stock information that was posted by a bot is likely to be passed over. This platform is also a great place to post engaging videos since they will begin playing automatically as the user is scrolling through their feed. Again, researching your target audience is key.

LinkedIn: Hello, Mr. Professional

This platform is geared toward professionals, many of whom are looking for others with similar qualifications and career advancement. A professional tone will serve you best. While engaging content is critical, LinkedIn can be more straight forward with less focus on pretty pictures—although a concise message with relevant links, along with a ‘lifelike’ presence will bring in the connections most effectively.

At the end of the day, your social media presence is what will drive customers to your business. Avoid a ‘carpet bomb’ approach and pay attention to what works on each platform. It takes time to build a following and even more creativity to keep it growing!

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