5 Examples of Great Sponsored Content

Advertising products or services to a customer base is the primary purpose of marketing for any company. Sponsored content serves this purpose better than ads because it reads just like any other content. Readers prefer them to banner ads because rather than being sold a product, readers are gaining insightful knowledge from a reliable source and building trust in the company and interest in their products or services.

Here are 5 examples of fun and engaging sponsored content.

Just #OneMoreDay

5 Examples of Great Sponsored Content Example 1This article on the importance of taking vacations offers facts and data supporting the physical, psychological, and financial impacts of taking time off. The tiny Mastercard logo on the top of the screen is overshadowed by the enticing and relatable title as well as the engaging family photo. It even features a short video.

Women Inmates: Why the Male Model Doesn’t Work

5 Examples of Great Sponsored Content Example 2This sponsored content is a great example of consistency with pre-existing content, blending seamlessly into the publication. With several infographics and videos with high production value, the link to the streaming Netflix obsession seems fitting. It’s followed by featured related articles from the New York Times archives, building further credibility within the site.

Frank Mills Wins CÎROC’s Drink Of Summer Mixology Contest

5 Examples of Great Sponsored Content Example 3This report of a bartending contest also promotes Jack Rose Dining Saloon, a high-end bar in Washington DC, where the featured CÎROC drink will be available. Its brief, newsy style leaves readers feeling informed rather than advertised to.

Your Guide to Baby Massage

5 Examples of Great Sponsored Content Example 4One of several articles for new parents, this post from Canadian Family and Aveeno explains how massaging one’s baby leads to bonding, building a routine, and health benefits.

Mouth-watering Reasons to Visit Adelaide

5 Examples of Great Sponsored Content Example 5Beaches, wine, and food festivals are highlighted in this travel post, sponsored by Etihad and Virgin Australia airlines. Readers are drawn in by the food and culture of Adelaide just as strongly as they would be by a non-promotional piece of travel journalism.

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