How to Write to Your Target Audience

Creating an effective marketing campaign means developing content that truly speaks to your target audience. However, that only works if you know for whom you are writing. You aren’t going to use a lot of large, sophisticated words for a campaign aimed at teenagers. Instead, you are going to learn to speak their language. However, marketing to a certain target audience is about much more than just the age group. You have to delve deeper.

Introducing Psychographics

In order to reach a more targeted audience, you must consider the psychographics of your demographic. What does that mean? In short, psychographics is defined as studying the personality, interests, opinions, attitudes, and lifestyles of your demographic. You want to reach customers by targeting who purchases your products most by highlighting why they buy it.

For example, you are selling a new phone. So, you start by asking who do you sell most of your phones to? Perhaps teenagers—as they have to have the latest and greatest electronic device. Okay, but then you have to ask yourself, why do they want the phone? Most of the time, it is to keep up with social media, have a way to stay in touch with their friends, and have the latest gadgets. They want something that looks sophisticated and is easy to use at the same time.

Teens on cell phoneThis is who you create your marketing campaign for—the teens that are technically savvy and want to stay ahead of the technological curve.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

When trying to create rich content for your target audience, you must ask probing questions. Don’t simply say, “Who buys my product?” If you ask that, then you will get a simple answer, such as teenagers, 34 to 50 year olds, or women of ages 25 to 40. While this is useful information, it doesn’t get to the core of their buying power. Ask questions like when does the client use the product? How much time does he or she spend using it? Do clients use it for work or during their free time? Is this product used daily or only during certain times of the week? Probing questions like this will give you the information you need to target your content.

When determining the psychographics of your clientele, don’t be afraid to ask questions about where your clients are seeing the content. If you are targeting teens, then most likely, the advertisements are seen on social media. However, professionals might be more swayed to your product through press releases. More on that later.

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