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Blog Posts: How Long is Too Long?

If you have something to share on a blog, you may be tempted to write a long and informative post. However, depending on the subject and nature of your post, you risk losing your readers’ interest if you go overboard with your word count. When developing your content strategy, consider these factors in determining the appropriate blog post length for keeping your audience engaged.

The Personality of Your Blog

The tone of your blog is important to consider when you are deciding the appropriate length for a blog post. If your blog is more serious or has technical information to share, then it makes sense for you to use more words to explain properly. Examples of companies who might use longer and more technical blog posts are dentists, doctors, dermatologists, and lawyers.

On the other hand, if your blog is more casual, playful, or tongue-in-cheek, a short post is more appropriate. Nobody wants to read a 2,000-word post on this fall’s hottest sock designs.

Your Audience

The kind of audience that you are trying to target with your blog is extremely important when considering the most appropriate length. Is your target audience a plastic surgeon who only has a few minutes to browse your blog on their break? Then write a short and to the point blog post. However, if your audience is a stay-at-home mom who has more time to read and browse, then you may consider writing a longer post.

Trust the Data

Look at the analytics of your past blog posts to see which word counts received the most views, likes, shares, and comments. Do you see any correlation between the word count and the post’s popularity? Data analytics of your past posts can be extremely helpful for deciding your future blog posting strategy.

Blogging can be an amazing way to boost the overall online presence of your business, as long as you produce quality content and stay mindful of the best way to keep your target audience engaged. Always remember the golden rule: Don’t fill your blog post with filler words.

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