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10 Social Media Stats That Will Surprise You

As the internet continues to evolve, social media is changing along with it. Anyone engaging in social media marketing for business needs to stay apprised of current trends. A few surprising stats could be useful, too.


1: Social Media Rises to the Top

Social media has become the most popular and common activity that people engage in on the internet. What may have started as a fad has become an ingrained habit for a large segment of the population.

2: Facebook Demographic

Despite Facebook legal terms that require members to be at least 13 years of age, more than 5 million users are under 10 years old. Of these kids, 95 percent of parents were aware of their children’s activities.

3: The Mommy Market

Moms active on Facebook are the biggest proponents of branding. Liking brands and sharing posts is huge with Facebook moms.

4: Validity of Facebook Users

Facebook claims 1.23 billion monthly active users. Of these Facebook users, as many as 137 million accounts are possibly fake or duplicates.

5: Snapchat Users

The majority of the Snapchat community is female, with 70 percent of its members.

6: Snapchat Stories

About 500 million Snapchat stories are uploaded each day, which would take 158 years to watch back to back.

7: Pinterest Popularity

Of the women active on the internet, 44 percent use Pinterest. This gender split is the largest of any of the social media platforms.

8: Pinners Shopping Activities

About 93 percent of active Pinterest users have bought something online in the past six months.

9: Daily Tweets

An estimated 500 million Tweets are sent every day. This averages out to 350,000 Tweets per minute and 6,000 Tweets per second.

10: Instagram’s Popularity

When teens and young adults rated the importance of Instagram, 32 percent placed it at the top of the list. Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat follow in line with this crowd.

As trends evolve, statistics will continue to change, often delivering surprising information.

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