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Six Quick Steps To Launch Your Blog

With the overwhelming amount of blogs online, it can be intimidating to start a new one. Here are six time-honored steps to successfully launch a business blog.

1: Find Your Voice

Once you identify your audience, you need to talk its lingo. This is an effective way to set a blog apart while also connecting with a particular audience. Language is power—the power to turn people away if they don’t feel directly addressed. This is particularly true with young readers.

2: Write Your Content Ahead of Time

Stick to a content calendar. A schedule for writing, producing, and publishing content will reduce stress and bring back readers who get familiar with a routine. This can be accomplished by writing multiple posts beforehand, plotting the topic of each post, or having polished blog posts in reserve in case the imagination well runs dry on a week.

3: Keep It Insightful

Don’t write common knowledge or fluff. At this point, people are used to reading on a screen, and are also skilled at skimming through things they find boring. Make sure each piece is direct, funny, and engaging. Your blog should be giving readers information they can use.

4: Stop the Blah, Blah, Blah

Similarly, keep it short and sweet. With an overwhelming amount of information online, readers appreciate original material packaged in an easy-to-digest format. Visuals, from pictures and short videos to infographics, all help keep the attention of the reader, especially when they compliment the piece at hand.

5: One Writer Can Get Boring

Find multiple writers to contribute to the blog. This helps from the business perspective, as it breaks up the monotony and makes it a team effort. Readers, as well, may enjoy the various perspectives located on a single blog.

6: Respond to Comments

Depending on the popularity of the blog, it can be hard to stay engaged with every reader who leaves a comment. However, a little goes a long way, and even responding to the occasional comment, such as a specific question addressed to the author, shows the reader that there is a dialogue going on. If they feel as if they are being heard, readers are more likely to invest their time, energy, and money into a blog or a business.

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