10 Things to Know When Creating Content for Clients

People perusing the internet are on a constant search for information. Companies with an online presence must produce quality content to meet the needs of visitors. By observing these guidelines, it’s possible to attain the trust of consumers.

Don’t Be Vague

Vague claims and unclear statements will miss the target nearly every time. Include clear explanations that present information concisely.

Keep It Simple

Never use 10 words when three will do. The simpler the prose, the more likely people will understand and remember it.

Include a Call to Action

Stimulating a response in readers is the main goal of creating content. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. If you want consumers to try a sample, read an eBook, or call for more information, give them this instruction in a clear call to action.

Consider Keywords

Incorporate search engine optimization into content with relevant keywords placed naturally throughout the text. With title tags, meta tags, and header tags containing keywords directly connected to the content, readers should find the content when they search for the keywords.

Make It Clean

Typos and grammatical issues will turn off readers quickly. Make sure the copy is clean and free of errors.

Answer Relevant Questions

Answer consumer questions with the content. Companies that don’t know their targeted consumers’ questions need to research this information.

Write for the Audience

Content needs to meet the audience where it is. Research demographics for targeted consumers, and then write in a voice and style that speaks directly to these people.

Demonstrate Values

Trust is a huge factor when consumers search for information. A company needs to project professionalism, experience, and expertise in the content it publishes.

Set Goals

When ambition meets clearly defined goals, the result is often impressive. Take the time to set short- and long-term goals for a company, and use content to work toward these goals. For example, if a short-term goal is to increase web traffic to a website, stellar content with targeted keywords should help achieve it.

Break Up Text

The “too-long-didn’t-read” conundrum is alive and well on the internet. Avoid large blocks of text because visitors often won’t have the patience to sift through it. Bullet points and short paragraphs are much easier for readers to digest.

With attention to these important points, quality content can reach out and grab its readers.

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