How to Create Website Content That Google Likes

Getting website pages top placement in Google’s search results is a constant challenge that can be made much easier by simply using the right ingredients. When combined properly, these ingredients come together to create a recipe for website content that Google ranks favorably. The first place to begin is with Google’s official Webmaster Guidelines, where you will find the search engine’s very own recommended ingredients to make quality content. Based on those recommendations, here is that elusive recipe to create good content and make sure Google finds it.

Why Google Is Critical For A Successful Website

Business man conducting a mobile searchWe all know that every day millions of consumers go online to search for specific products and businesses, and the first place they usually go to find that thing they need is Google. To ensure that a website shows up as the solution for a target audience’s needs, it’s imperative to get the pages of that site as close to the top of Google’s search results as possible.

How To Provide Good Content

How do you accomplish that goal? According to Google, the single most important ingredient is to provide high-quality and original content on all the pages of a website, and in particular, on the homepage. Be sure to focus on creating content that reflects the topic for each page while naturally including the words consumers will use to search for those pages. In addition, try to include various words and phrases related to the topic rather than just repeating keywords multiple times in awkward places.

Make Sure To Focus On Accessibility

Link Building 101Another critical ingredient in the Google likability recipe is to make sure the high-quality content you’ve created is easily accessible, so that there is a logical link structure throughout the site, and so that other sites will naturally link to your content. Links not only give the site more credibility in Google’s eyes, but when every page is reachable from a static text link, then Google will find those site pages more easily.

Ultimately, if you keep in mind that the content on every page of a website needs to serve a topic or defined purpose, while also making sure that each page meets Google’s quality guidelines, you will have successfully executed the recipe for creating website content that Google likes.

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