Quality vs. Quantity Content

Can Too Much Content Be a Bad Thing?

In the never-ending quest to attract readers, many bloggers and writers work hard to churn out as much content as possible. However, this strategy may drive customers away, or produce diminishing returns. When it comes to publishing original content, don’t work harder, work smarter.

Quality Over Quantity

When writing a blog, an original concept or fresh idea will attract the most readers. With so much content continually being put on the web, a unique post—well-developed and well-written—is the most important factor. This will also inspire the reader to share the content on social media—the best way to generate buzz around your content. Conversely, all it takes is one low-quality post to lose the reader’s trust, even if it’s not representative of the rest of the work.

Overwhelming the Audience

If there are too many blogs to pick from, it can overwhelm a reader. Even if this is not the case, the reader may assume content must not be high-quality if they are being produced at a fast rate. Worse, they may not know which one is worth reading, and lose interest in the site, opting for something they deem most accessible. With decreased attention spans and a higher demand for entertainment, readers will only get a first impression of your blog once. Make sure all posts are something you can be proud of.

Other Factors

There are many elements to take into consideration when publishing new material. Considering peak traffic times, target audience, and cultural niches may help spread your ideas. Graphics may help lure readers in as well, especially if they help clarify a point or provide humor to the piece.

Ultimately, given the limits of anyone’s time and energy, it’s decidedly more important to have quality over quantity. In the sea of the internet, don’t throw all your ideas in at once. Focus on those that will float to the surface.

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