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Our Top 5 Content Marketing Blogs of 2016

Content marketing experts have been reading the UpScribed blog since its launch back in May to keep up with industry news and best practices. Here is a recap of our most read blogs of 2016.

1: How to Effectively Plan, Write, and Share Content

Just creating high-volume content isn’t enough; you need a strong plan of action in order to drive lead generation and sales. This blog will help you create a clear plan that will ensure the content you publish is optimized to grow your customer base.

2: How to Create Website Content That Google Likes

Google is one of the most important tools a marketer has to drive traffic to a website. Make sure you follow these tips to create content that will help customers find you in the world’s most powerful search engine.

3: If Millennials Buy Your Product or Service, Here Are 3 Things You Should Be Doing in Your Blog

You have to be able to relate to millennials in order to carry your brand into the future. Doing these three things will help you tap into a new, younger audience of readers for your blog.

4: Here Are 3 Ways to Outshine Online Competition

Today’s marketplace is full of companies trying to make a name for themselves, but you can stand out among the crowd. Follow these three steps to improve and promote your content.

5: Get Your Content Read Using These 5 Tips and Tricks

You’ll have to do more than churn out content to be successful. Once you’re comfortable with your voice, it’s time to build your readership. This blog will give you ideas on how to keep growing your audience.

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