How Often Should I Update Content on My Client’s Website?

When creating a content marketing strategy for a client, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is how often to publish new content. Should you update your client’s website every day? Every week? Once per month? The answer is that it depends. While in general you should aim to publish new content … Continue reading “How Often Should I Update Content on My Client’s Website?”

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Is the Value of Original Content Worth the Expense?

A successful website offers some type of value to visitors. This is especially true for a business striving to attract customers to make sales. Although original content carries a price, providing this worthwhile information to visitors often makes the difference between people who stay and return and those who bounce off the web page almost … Continue reading “Is the Value of Original Content Worth the Expense?”

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Is a Blog Really Necessary for Your Business?

Although blogging has been around for years, it continues to be a relevant way to reach readers. This is especially true for business owners striving to attract customers on the internet. Attaching a blog to a business website is an effective and often lucrative way to connect with potential customers. Ease and Simplicity Even technically challenged … Continue reading “Is a Blog Really Necessary for Your Business?”

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What Makes Content Marketing Special?

Content marketing is a special strategy that combines appealing content – such as articles, reviews, blog posts, and FAQs – with innovative creation techniques intended to have a positive marketing effect for an organization. At its most basic, content marketing can be regarded as a new application of time-tested persuasive writing techniques. However, rather than … Continue reading “What Makes Content Marketing Special?”

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5 Examples of Great Sponsored Content

Advertising products or services to a customer base is the primary purpose of marketing for any company. Sponsored content serves this purpose better than ads because it reads just like any other content. Readers prefer them to banner ads because rather than being sold a product, readers are gaining insightful knowledge from a reliable source … Continue reading “5 Examples of Great Sponsored Content”

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Which Social Media Platforms Should I Choose for My Business?

In the world of social media, there are many factors that a business should consider when deciding which platform to use. The biggest determination is target audience. Ask yourself — what type of person buys my product or service? Depending on your answer, choose the platform that makes the most sense to your type of consumer. Here … Continue reading “Which Social Media Platforms Should I Choose for My Business?”

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Need Inspiration? 5 Excellent Blogs Every Marketer Should Be Following

Many top agencies have blogs that consistently deliver valuable information and ideas that can be worth their weight in gold for any professional marketer. Luckily, they are free to read, so the only excuse to avoid reading them is a lack of time. Even that excuse is eliminated when you follow this list of the … Continue reading “Need Inspiration? 5 Excellent Blogs Every Marketer Should Be Following”

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10 Things to Know When Creating Content for Clients

People perusing the internet are on a constant search for information. Companies with an online presence must produce quality content to meet the needs of visitors. By observing these guidelines, it’s possible to attain the trust of consumers. Don’t Be Vague Vague claims and unclear statements will miss the target nearly every time. Include clear … Continue reading “10 Things to Know When Creating Content for Clients”

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How to Effectively Plan, Write, and Share Content

A recent survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute shows than 76 percent of marketers plan to create more content than last year to draw in new customers. However, only 32 percent of the same group has a clear, documented plan on how to create new content. Plan of Action For your marketing campaign to … Continue reading “How to Effectively Plan, Write, and Share Content”

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3 Ways to Outshine Online Competition

The world of online marketing can be fast-moving and fierce at times with intense competition and ever-changing technology. While high-quality content is the ever-present goal, your approach can make or break your success. Use these strategies to make your content soar above your competition. Prioritize Content It’s hard to underestimate the power of high-quality content. … Continue reading “3 Ways to Outshine Online Competition”

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